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Monday, February 8, 2010

Advertise And Be Rewarded- Get Paid To Wear T-shirt

Are you one of those that hardly believe in anything, then don’t boarder reading this. Simply close this page and move to the next page because you will certainly not believe what you’re about to read here.

But if you which to go ahead,then let me advice you. The information contained here will shock you off the ground and send you panting and gasping with excitement. Why? Because it’s a secret that have never been told before and the revelation could leave even the wisest man looking like an idiot. So, Are you ready for this?.

Now, have you ever put-on branded T-shrit before? I mean T-shirts with company’s logo on it? Let say, yellow T-shirt with MTN Logo or blue T-shirt with PEPSI Logo etc. You would agree with me, they really look nice isn't it? Some even spend their money to buy it. But, the truth is, while you are rejoicing wearing that T-shirts for free, others are being paid thousands even million of Naira to wear the same T-shirt!

The answer is simple: If Ups,Mtn or Glo could pay millions of naira to place their name and logo on a stagnant bill board, then why not pay you who moves about in town for placing their name and logo on you like a mobile bill board?

Remember, everyday you wear that T-shirt and go out in town especially in a place like Lagos, over 100,000 people will see it. In other words, you advertised that company to over hundred thousand people in just one day. Therefore, wouldn't it make sense if you are paid for doing that? Don’t forget that these companies are living big from

Billion of naira they make off you. Though, not as if they are not willing to pay you but they wouldn’t pay, simply because you don’t know you deserved to be paid. Some will argue that it’s only Super Stars that is paid to be branded. That is not true, in USA dog is paid to be branded, or is dog a Super Star? And if a common dog could be paid to be branded, how much more you, a living, responsible human being.

A fellow UK Internet marketer based in Spain was recently paid £1million pounds by a UK based company to wear their T-shirt and face cap to functions. That is about a whooping 250 million Naira paid to one man to wear T-shirt. Does this man has two heads? Then why not you?

If you see me with a branded T-shirt, know that I am paid handsomely to wear it and juring the business workshop coming up this weekend, I will teach you how to do the same. The good news is that we have

signed up with Carson group Inc. a USA based company that pays to wear their T-shirt in a special world-wide advertising program. You will be paid, not once, not twice but every month! Infact, you will be practically registered with them right at the seminar venue.

I will also teach every participant how to set up free website and how to use it to advertise for big companies and EARN from N200,000 every month.

Participants will have opportunity to get their own brand new laptop for a little fee of #15,000.
Date: Call or sms: 08051212966 for next date,venue and time. Fee: N5,500.00. Payment will be made at the point of entrance on seminar day because as they say, “Seeing is believing”

How to register: Text your name & e-mail address, send it to 08069140587 to book your seat. Payment will be made at the venue. But if you would like to secure your seat in advance to beat the rush then, pay to the bank and SMS your name, email address and teller number to 08051212966 and come with your teller on seminar day - See bank details below.

This is the first and last time such opportunity will be brought to Nigeria and if it will ever come up again, the Seminar fee will be nothing less than Fifty Thousand Naira. So grab it now. Another good part of it is that you will get our ‘End of the year’ give away package

Package No.1: How to print GSM recharge voucher, all the networks worth N5,500.

Package No.2: Affiliate marketing hand book the money book worth N4,500.00

Package No.3: How to set-up and customize free blog website worth N3,600

Total worth of package = N13,600.00. But you will get it all FREE of charge if you are fortunate to participate to this seminar!

Note: After 30 days of getting all these and you are yet not making money, at least N100,000.00 monthly, then I will invite you give you 24 strokes of Cain after which you will be taking to Psychiatric hospital for thorough examination with all expenses paid by me. Why wouldn’t you make money with all these? Even if you are a complete DUMMY

If you wouldn’t come for the seminar due to serious & cogent reasons Call: 08051212966 to get all the give away and your registration form for the T-shirt advertisement but we will prefer you to attend. See you there by God’s grace.